Social Security Appeals Process

Social Security Appeals Process 

There are many reasons why the Social Security Administration (SSA) may decide to stop paying your disability benefits. If this decision is made it can be a very scary process, but there is hope. You can always appeal the decision if you feel you still qualify for disability benefits.


Medical Assistance

It is possible that if your SSI is cut, any SSI based medical assistance could also be cut. Your medical assistance agency will contact you in the event this happens.


The clock is ticking

The SSA allows you 60 days to appeal the decision. The 60 day period starts the day you get the letter informing you that you no longer qualify for SSI benefits. It is assumed that you will receive your letter 5 days after the date posted on the letter, unless you prove otherwise.


Are there second chances?

If your 60 day period expires you can still appeal your denial, but you’ll have to provide a valid reason for missing the deadline. If the SSA accepts your reason you will be able to proceed with the appeals process.


Payments during your appeal

You are eligible to receive payments while appealing your claim, but you must inform your local SSA office that you wish to continue your benefits within the first 10 days after your denial. Keep in mind, there is no guarantee your payments will continue.


Levels of Appeal

There are four levels of the appeals process. If you disagree with the SSA’s decision regarding your disability benefits at any point in the appeals process you will be granted 60 days to appeal to the next level. The levels are as follows:

  •      Reconsideration
  •      Hearing
  •      Appeals Court
  •      Federal Court


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