Road Hazards to Look out for while Riding a Motorcycle

Road Hazards to Look out for while Riding a Motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle can be more dangerous than operating a car, so motorcyclists need to understand and familiarize themselves with potential road hazards before riding. Minor things like debris, small objects, or wet pavement may not seem like a danger to an average driver but could be fatal for a motorcyclist.

Accidents are unpredictable, and even the most experienced motorcyclists are not immune to the risks of road hazards. To minimize the chances of being in an accident, motorcyclists should be aware of some of the most common road hazards and what to do when faced with them.

Slippery Surfaces

Rain and ice are the most common causes of slippery roads, but slick surfaces can also occur in nice weather in the form of oil spots. These conditions present the risk of hydroplaning, which is especially dangerous for a motorcycle, as it only has two wheels gripping the road. Motorcyclists can lose traction and potentially lose control of the vehicle as a result.

To prevent this, motorcyclists should avoid slippery surfaces in general, but especially after poor weather. Motorcyclists should avoid suddenly swerving and instead try to slow down using both brakes to prevent losing control.

Uneven Roads

Uneven roads are most commonly found near worn-out highways or roads that are under construction. Motorcyclists can quickly lose traction and control, causing instability, skidding, and difficulty crossing lanes with a height difference. Specifically, manholes are important to take caution of because motorcycle riders can be thrown out of their seat when driving over one.

To avoid the dangers of uneven roads, motorcyclists should stay in one lane as much as possible and be alert for depressions on the road. If a motorcyclist regularly encounters rough roads or knows of nearby construction, they should prepare and consider alternate routes.


The most common animals on roads are deer. Accidents with deer and other large animals can be fatal for motorcyclists, because riders can be thrown off the path and onto the pavement. Because animals are difficult to anticipate, swerving is another potential danger that can cause an accident.

Motorcyclists should also stay alert for animal crossing signs and come to a full stop when a large animal approaches. For nighttime driving, it’s crucial to invest in good headlights and always wear proper head protection in any situation.

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