Mike Fallon wins the January 2018 Golden Apple Award

It’s safe to say our Golden Apple Award winners are popular at their school. They are often a favorite with students, parents, and other teachers. However, sometimes a teacher is a favorite in a much bigger sense. Our January 2018 Golden Apple Winner showed us that a teacher can have an impact that reaches far beyond the classroom.

Our 101st Golden Apple Award winner is Mike Fallon of Martin Elementary School. Mr. Fallon is also the basketball coach at Parkersburg South High School. Mr. Fallon is known for being a great teacher, and a great coach, but he goes far beyond the classroom and the court to help his students. Mr. Fallon, along with his team, and other members of the community, organizes events to help raise money and awareness for two students in the MOV battling illness.

Anna Gordon is currently battling Friedreich’s Ataxia, a life-shortening neuro-muscular disorder. Hailley Parsons is a student who has battled childhood cancer for many years. Mr. Fallon has worked with both young ladies. He’s helped organize charity games, and is one of the biggest supporters of “Anna’s Army,” and “Hailley Strong.”

Anna and Hailley were both on hand for the presentation. Also, the Parkersburg South High School boys’ basketball team were there, as well as Mr. Fallon’s family.

Mr. Fallon’s has been very popular. Weeks after the announcement, we continue to receive positive comments about him on our Facebook page.

Congrats Mr. Fallon. You are a deserving winner.

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