How To Apply For Supplemental Security Income In West Virgina

Social Security

Anyone interested in receiving supplemental security income in West Virginia will have to first fill out a claim with the Disability Determination Section, in agreement with the Social Security Administration and West Virginia’s Division of Rehabilitation Services. In contrast to social security, supplemental security income is primarily designed for children and adults that have not yet worked enough to qualify for other forms of benefits.

While it’s certainly possible to win an appeal without any legal aid, the odds of success dramatically improve when using the services of an SSI attorney. In order to qualify for benefits in West Virginia, it must be proven that a person was unable to work for at least twelve months as a result of ongoing mental or physical impairment. This sets the burden of proof fairly high, especially when compared to other benefits programs like worker’s compensation or veteran’s benefits. To start the application process, citizens of West Virginia can visit ssa.gov or visit a local social security office. Once a claim has begun, it is passed on to a disability evaluation specialist to determine its validity.

When a claimant’s disability is severe enough, there are no further processing steps. In other cases, the disability evaluation specialist will want to conduct additional assessments to determine the extent of any impairments. If the claim is rejected, the appeals process can be started within 60 days of the rejection.

Unfortunately, most of the people that need supplemental security income are denied their initial claim. This can be due to a variety of factors, but one of the most common is incomplete or improper paperwork. In these situations, an SSI attorney can help properly fill out the claim and take over the appeals process to ensure that the state provides the necessary resources. Receiving supplemental security income in West Virginia can be a complex and difficult process on your own, but with the right professional help, the process is much more streamlined and stress-free. Perhaps most importantly, a supplemental security income attorney only receives a small portion of any back pay awarded, with a limit of up to $6,000.

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