Getting the Social Security Benefits You Deserve

In her book, Getting the Social Security Benefits You Deserve, Attorney Jan Dils shares important tips to make applying for Social Security benefits as quick and seamless as possible.

  • Always be polite, professional, and patient when speaking to anyone at the Social Security Administration (SSA), no matter how exasperating your experience may be.
  • Make copies of everything – including blank forms before you fill them out, completed forms, and medical records. Keep everything organized in a safe, convenient place.
  • Keep records of all phone calls made to doctors, lawyers, and SSA personnel.
  • Be as specific as possible when describing your abilities and disabilities, using numbers where applicable to quantify the extent of your disability.
  • Keep a diary of how your disability affects your daily life. Again, be specific and use numbers to explain.
  • Send all correspondence by certified mail with receipt required.
  • Keep regular appointments with doctors.
  • Be consistent, ensuring you explain your history and complaints the same way each time.
  • Make sure your doctor records all of your complaints at every visit.
  • Be honest. If you exaggerate symptoms or put on an act, your credibility will be destroyed—and credibility is key to winning your claim.
  • Most importantly, remember that a Social Security disability case is not about your medical problems, but about the effect they have on your ability to work. Concrete, specific examples of the ways in which you are no longer able to work and medical evidence that proves these health issues (physician statements, test results, and other evidence) are the most crucial component in building your case.

For more details about applying for benefits, including samples of relevant forms, you can request your free copy of Attorney Jan Dils’ new book, Getting the Social Security Benefits You Deserve, by clicking here.

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