Filing an Injury Claim for Defective Tires

Filing an Injury Claim for Defective Tires

In our fast-paced world, defective tires could not only impact our commute or weekend plans, but it can cause serious injury. A tire blowout at the wrong time, in the wrong place, could even cause fatalities. It is difficult to know how to move forward when you are facing significant financial losses and personal pain from a tire-related crash. In such cases, it is important to contact a hard-working defective products attorney and seek justice through a personal injury lawsuit.

Filing a Claim After a Defective Tire Incident

There are several steps you need to take before and after filing injury claims for defective tires. Here is a basic overview of what you should do:

  1. Identify Signs of Defective Tires: Before an incident even occurs, you should inspect your tires for defects on a regular basis. Look for bulges, cracks, consistent loss of air pressure, or anything else that looks like it could be a problem. Try to document these, if you can.
  2. Seek Legal Counsel: Once an accident does occur, and you have sustained damages, call a product liability lawyer immediately to determine what you should do next.
  3. Collect Evidence: Be diligent when collecting evidence regarding your tire damage, including maintenance reports or purchase receipts with the manufacturer. If the injury resulted in a medical intervention, it is vital to secure your medical records and the financial costs associated with treatment.
  4. File the Claim: After you have gathered all your evidence and identified tire defects, work with your attorney to file an injury claim outlining the damages and the basis for holding the defendant liable.
  5. Navigating a Settlement or Litigation: In many cases, injury claims are resolved through settlement negotiations rather than litigation. During a settlement, your attorney will advocate for your medical expenses, lost wages, and injuries due to the accident. If a fair settlement cannot be reached, your case may proceed to litigation before a judge and jury.

Move Forward by Calling an Attorney After a Defective Tire Accident

When a tire fails and you or someone else in your family is hurt because the resulting collision, you should be able to hold another person or entity liable for all costs associated with the recovery. That is why we operate on a contingency fee basis. Until we secure a positive and successful outcome in your case, you pay nothing.

If you have suffered an accident due to defective tires, seek medical attention and then connect with an experienced personal injury attorney. Connect with us and set up a free consultation.

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