How a Charlotte, NC Social Security Disability Representative Hastens Payouts

Citizens of North Carolina can learn a lesson or two from the case of a woman in Buffalo, NY. For Kathy Nobilio, the long arduous wait for her disability payments is now over. It was a journey that took three years to complete, and in the nick of time, too. Al Vaughter from WIVB News 4 reports on Ms Nobilio’s tense and frightening moments as she spent several months wondering where her support would come from:

News article regarding Social Security Disability

Back and neck injuries have prevented Kathy Nobilio from working since December 2010.

She filed a claim for Social Security Disability the following July, and an administrative law judge heard Nobilio’s case on February 25, 2013.

The long wait for a decision was about to cost Nobilio everything, including her house in Ransomville, so she contacted Call 4 Action last September. She was desperate.

Investigative teams from the news network revealed an administrative lapse as the cause of the delay, one that could have easily cost Nobilio her home. Buffalo officials pegged the waiting time for a decision to no longer than 14 months, and her case was way beyond that. The report also points out that the Buffalo Office of Disability Adjudication and Review has one of the longest claims processing times in the country.

If something like this happens in NC, a social security disability representative from Charlotte, NC, such as Jan Dils, Attorneys at Law, would be instrumental in the quicker resolution of the case. Although the application would have been approved on its own merits, lawyers would have been able to make administrative follow-ups, which most likely would have uncovered the oversight.

Applicants need not worry about legal payment at the start. Disability representatives, such as the social security disability representative from Charlotte, NC, consult for free initially, so you can share your situation with them with no obligation. As per federal law, disability reps will only get paid up to 25% of the settlement, or a maximum of $6,000 for their services. The payment would come from the disability benefits.

As of this report, Nobilio is still cash-strapped but nonetheless on her way towards financial recovery. The payment was more than enough to make up for the two-year drought. In the end, no one can put a price on the distress and anxiety disability benefit applicants go through. Simply receiving the benefits they deserve is reward enough for them, and disability representatives play a huge role in hastening the payout.

(Source: “Three-year wait for Social Security Disability finally over”, 03 September 2014, WIVB)

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