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I’ve worked for this firm for a few years now, and I felt the need to write a review simply because I continue to be more and more impressed by the way we adapt and grow as a team. When COVID hit, much of our nation was fraught with panic over job security. That was not the case at Jan Dils. From the very beginning and throughout the whole process, Jan and management did a great job at communicating changes and giving us peace of mind. I felt like our safety was put first as they scrambled to send us all to work from home in a hurry. Because the transition to telework has been so successful, they permanently allowed many positions to remain work-from-home! That has given me such a great work/life balance. Additionally, they adjusted the PTO policy so that you can make up any time missed from work so you don’t have to use up all your PTO. That’s really helped over the past year, and I’m glad the change is permanent. In the midst of all this, the firm even continued to grant pay increases. It seems like they’ve started listening to our feedback and making great changes!Some of the cons I have with the firm is that it can be challenging to have a role with heavy phone usage. Clients come with many sad stories that can linger with you throughout the day. Also, the work can be draining due to the fast pace and high volume. It’s easy to get burnt out if you’re not actively engaging. Thankfully, we work with a great team and get individual support from our team leader to help us through. Also, I like all the fun we have as a pod and a firm. We do a lot of community service, have fun events for the team, and even do book clubs which keeps me always looking forward to something. It’s hard work, but so rewarding to help clients who need it. I like that we try hard to put clients first, and I can tell Jan wants the best for us too.

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Jan Dils, Attorneys at Law

Jan Dils, Attorneys at Law