If You Worked After Applying for Social Security Disability Benefits

If you have earned money for work after submitting your Social Security Disability claim, this can affect your case in a myriad of ways. But this happens quite frequently given the long waiting period for approval and is monitored by employees of the Social Security Administration (SSA) once you’ve been approved for benefits.

A representative will typically evaluate how much work you’ve completed. If this income is above the substantial gainful activity level ($1090 a month in most cases), he or she will then determine if this proves you are, in fact, able to work or if there were special circumstances that created an exception. The SSA’s decision also depends on whether you’re up for SSI or SSDI benefits.

While the SSA’s decision is based on individuals’ unique circumstances, there are some working situations that will almost always earn you an automatic denial. For example, if you began working within one year of the date your disabling condition began according to the SSA’s official determination and you are currently working, your case will automatically be denied as you haven’t met the 12-month duration required by the SSA to be eligible for benefits.

But if you’re found eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance, after the five-month waiting period, any work is covered by the trial work program and extended period of eligibility. However, if you worked after being deemed eligible for SSDI benefits but are not still working, the SSA employee might consider it necessary to reassess your disability onset date, which could result in less backpay. This decision can be appealed.

When it comes to Supplemental Security Income (SSI), if you were earning substantial income a month or more past the onset of your disabling condition/application date, you can still be eligible for benefits provided your medical condition hasn’t improved and the income you’ve earned isn’t beyond the SSI income limits.

If you’ve worked after the date you applied for SSI/SSDI or after the onset of your disabling condition, a Social Security Disability attorney can help you keep the benefits you deserve.

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