What Requirements do I Have to Meet to Receive SSDI?

What Requirements do I Have to Meet to Receive SSDI?

The Social Security Administration (SSA) offers benefits to disabled workers through the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program. These benefits are intended to assist people who are unable to work due to long-term disabilities, but many disabled workers have questions about what requirements they have to meet for SSDI. Keep reading for more details on what eligibility criteria must be met before you can be awarded Social Security disability benefits.

Medical Proof

To qualify for benefits, SSDI applicants must have a valid Social Security number, proof of age, proof of citizenship, and proof of income. Otherwise, they will also need sufficient medical documentation to prove that a condition prevents an applicant from performing his or her job duties, such as sitting, standing, lifting, or concentrating. The condition must also be expected to last for at least 12 months or cause death to qualify as “long-term.”

Work History Report

An SSDI applicant must also provide proof of sufficient work credits. The number of work credits required for SSDI varies by the applicant’s age at the onset of his or her disability. To accumulate work credits, an individual – whether they are self-employed or employed by a company – must pay Social Security income taxes. However, it is only possible to earn a maximum of four work credits per year, regardless of income.

Employees who did not work very long prior to becoming disabled may not qualify for SSDI benefits. Under SSA regulations, an employee is eligible if they have worked within a relevant time period, which is also impacted by the age of the individual when he or she became disabled. To learn more about whether your work history would satisfy the SSA’s requirements for SSDI, connect with one of our diligent lawyers.

Work with an SSDI Attorney Today

Once proper documentation and evidence have been compiled, applications can be submitted online, by phone, or in person. Without legal assistance from a qualified SSDI attorney, however, filing for disability benefits can be overwhelming under the SSA’s complex eligibility standards. Even with sufficient evidence and fulfilled requirements, your initial claim may not receive approval for a variety of reasons. An experienced attorney on our team can help ensure that you meet all requirements for SSDI and assist throughout the application process. To see if you are eligible for Social Security disability benefits, contact our firm today.

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