What a Consultative Exam means for your Social Security Claim

If you have a claim pending for Social Security, you may be asked to attend a Consultative Examination. These exams may be ordered by the Social Security Administration, or, in some cases, your attorney may request this type of procedure. Let’s learn a little more about Consultative Exams.

You are likely wondering why the SSA or your attorney has ordered this procedure. The reason is actually quite simple. These exams are ordered when a claimant cannot afford treatment at traditional facilities, and thus has not been able to obtain records of their impairment. Often individuals who are pursuing disability have no form of insurance, and cannot afford medical treatment. This exam may help prove your disability to the SSA.

There are two basic kinds of consultative examinations; physical and psychological. The Social Security Administration will pay for tests like x-rays or even breathing tests, but not more substantial procedures like MRI’s. As a rule, the SSA will not pay for invasive examinations.

Just like Physical Examinations, The SSA may also purchases psychological evaluations to help gather more information concerning any mental health allegations.

Although the SSA may obtain these exams, records from your treating physicians and therapists are often more helpful because they have known you the longest and are the most familiar with your conditions over an extended period of time.

Another important note about the Consultative Exam is that it will most likely occur just before, or just after your hearing.

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