Can a “Non-Attorney Rep” actually represent me for my Social Security Case?

Non-Attorney Represents Social Security Case

Did you know that the Social Security Administration does not require claimants’ representatives to be attorneys? Though a claimant has the right to representation, this representation may come from a non-attorney representative. Though these representatives have not passed the bar examination in order to assist claimants they are still held to the same standards as outlined by the Code of Federal Regulations and must become well-versed in Social Security law just as attorneys must.

These representatives are eligible to receive direct payment of representative fees by taking an examination approved by the Social Security Administration. The examination is given by a third party and includes various levels of questions from the code of ethics to how claims are adjudicated. The examination also includes examples of disability claims, much like a word problem, that the representative must match to the appropriate Social Security ruling.

It is very common to be uncertain about a non-attorney representative assisting you with their claim rather than an attorney, however; representatives and attorneys alike learn the law from the same book so to say. Representatives are very knowledgeable and though they didn’t attend law school or pass the bar examination, you should not rule them out as being a competent representative.

This information is not provided to take away from attorneys. Attorneys have a very unique skill set, they are valued and they are very dedicated to their practice, however; it is very common to find a firm that employees non-attorney representatives such as our own.

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