New Policy May Help Disabled Veterans Get Social Security Disability Benefits Faster

Beginning March 17, 2014, if you’ve received a VA compensation rating of 100% permanent and total (P&T) with a VA notification letter that verifies this, you may be eligible for expedited processing of your application for Social Security disability benefits. Please keep in mind that a VA compensation rating of 100% P&T does not necessarily ensure that you will receive benefits. You must first meet the Social Security office’s definition of “disability” and be approved by them.

How to receive expedited processing for Social Security disability benefits:

If you’ve been rated 100% P&T, you must first complete your application for Social Security disability benefits, indicating your rating so the proper authorities can be notified to expedite the process. If you choose to apply online at www.socialsecurity.gov/applyfordisability, it’s best to enter “Veteran 100% P&T” in the “Remarks” section.

When applying via phone, whether with the national Social Security office (800.772.1213, hearing impaired/TTY 800.325.0778) or your local office, tell the Social Security representative up front that you are a Veteran rated 100% P&T. If you choose to visit your local Social Security office, first make an appointment and during your scheduled time indicate that you’ve been given a rating of 100% P&T to the person handling your case.

Regardless of how you choose to apply, you will be asked to provide proof, so keep your VA notification letter with your 100% P&T rating handy. The Social Security office’s time frame will depend on the nature of your disability and how quickly they receive medical evidence from your healthcare providers. As always, having all documents and records related to your case will make the process as speedy and organized as possible.

Hiring an attorney who specializes in disability can also greatly benefit your case. They will draw from experience to review your paperwork, communicate on your behalf, and ensure everything is submitted in a timely manner. To schedule a free initial consultation with the experienced staff of Jan Dils Attorneys at Law, click here now or call 877.526.3457.

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