Is it Illegal to Eat or Drink while Driving?

Is it Illegal to Eat or Drink while Driving?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 8% of fatal crashes and 15% of injury crashes in 2018 were reported as distracted driving accidents. While eating and drinking are considered to be driving distractions by the NHTSA, it is not against the law. That being said, it is still extremely dangerous to drive while eating or drinking.

Why is Eating or Drinking while Driving Dangerous?

Eating while driving requires you to multitask, potentially leading you to get distracted and increasing your chances of crashing. It is also likely that you do not have both hands on the steering wheel while eating. If you need to react quickly to avoid an accident, you probably won’t be able to if your hands are full and attention is off the road.

With your eyes off the road, you are more likely to miss changes in traffic flow or road conditions, warning signs, or even other drivers who may be distracted as well. In the event that eating or drinking while driving does cause a motor vehicle collision, you can be held civilly liable for negligence.

Tips to Avoid Eating behind the Wheel

Avoiding food while driving should be easy, but fast food and drive-thrus have skewed our idea of where meals should be eaten. Here are some simple tips that can help you break the habit of distracted driving:

  • Eat in the parking lot or in the restaurant
  • Eat before you leave home
  • Make your car a food-free zone

Avoiding food and drinks while operating a vehicle can help you avoid a distracted driving accident and save a life. It is never worth it to drive distracted, your food can wait. The damages that come from a car accident are not worth the risk of eating or drinking while driving.

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