Good News for those Applying for SSD and VA Disability Benefits

While working in case management, I had the privilege of working directly with our wonderful clients.  I enjoyed being able to talk one-on-one about their claims, answer questions and concerns regarding the process, or offer a “listening ear,” so-to-speak when things became frustrating or discouraging. While all my clients were very dear to me, our Veteran clients held a very special place in my heart.

Many of our Vets are actively pursuing disability claims through the VA, as well as through Social Security. Some are just starting the VA disability process, others are working to increase their compensation ratings, and there are a few who have been awarded 100% permanent and total disability benefits. To these clients, it can be confusing and down-right irritating that they have not been approved for Social Security Disability when another governmental agency has deemed them disabled.

It’s difficult to explain that while both SS & VA pay disability benefits and are governmental agencies, their programs and criteria for disability entitlements are vastly diverse. Even more so, it’s hard to fathom that even with a VA compensation rating of 100% P&T, this does not secure your SS disability benefits.

However, Social Security just released a bit of good news for our Vets!  Beginning March 17, 2014, Veterans with compensation ratings of 100% permanent and total through the VA may receive expedited processing of their SSD applications. To receive this expedited processing, all you need to do is identify yourself as a 100% P&T rated veteran when you apply for SS benefits and provide SSA with a copy of your most recent Ratings Decision that verifies your 100% rating!

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Jan Dils, Attorneys at Law

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