Best Time to Hire a Lawyer for My SSDI Claim

Best Time to Hire a Lawyer for My SSDI Claim

When it comes to hiring an attorney for a Social Security Disability claim, the earlier the better. This allows legal representation time to investigate the claim and provide the most effective assistance. If your claim has been previously denied, it may be time for you to work with an experienced lawyer who can help appeal your case. A person is more likely to get approved if they have a lawyer on their side.

Why are SSDI Claims Denied?

Most applications that people submit for Social Security Disability are denied, and the average acceptance rate is very low. However, just because your claim may have been denied does not mean you do not qualify or cannot try again. One common reason that a case may be turned away could be a lack of evidence or documentation of a person’s disability.

How an Attorney Can Help with SSDI Approval

Social Security Disability Law can be difficult to understand and navigate without legal assistance. An attorney could perform a wide variety of tasks to collect all necessary requirements and guide you through the proceedings by:

  • Explaining how the disability process works
  • Collecting medical records and other evidence
  • Assisting with the completion of forms/questionnaires
  • Filing any needed appeals
  • Providing information on how to strengthen your case
  • Explaining the various correspondence you will receive throughout your case
  • Preparing and representing you during your hearing

Their advocacy and support in pursing your claim could be key in achieving a successful outcome.

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