Basics for Avoiding Social Security Scams

How to Avoid Social Security Scams

Our firm takes great pride in offering our clients information that can protect their benefits and help the general public avoid the pitfalls of the many scams that circulate throughout the country. Social Security scams are widespread and affect many people daily.

Following are three common scams and the basics for avoiding them:

  1. Do not trust letterhead as authentic government communications. If you receive mail with Social Security letterhead or paperwork that contains an official-looking government seal, do not assume it contains true information. Consumer protection organizations receive multiple complaints of false advertising for the Social Security Administration (SSA) daily. These scams often offer services such as name changes for newlyweds, issuance of a Social Security number for a newborn, or providing personal earnings and estimate statements for a fee. These services are provided free of charge by the SSA. This type of scam will rob you of your money, and can also result in identity theft. Contact the SSA directly if you need any service.
  2. Many scams target the elderly. One example is a letter that offers an extra Social Security check for a filing fee. The letter also usually requests your Social Security number and your bank information for direct deposit into your account. This scam results in lost money and identity theft as well as access to your bank account. Be aware that the SSA already has your Social Security number and does not need you to give it to them. Notify the SSA immediately if you ever receive a letter asking for money and personal information.
  3. Many scams come in the form of phone solicitations that ask you to disclose personal information for Social Security programs. One scam attempts to convince individuals that they must get a new Social Security card. The caller will often ask for your Social Security number and your bank account number to process the new card. Never give your Social Security number and bank account information to anyone who calls you. If you need a service, call the appropriate number directly.

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