Zantac Users: Filing a Lawsuit for Your Cancer Claim

Zantac Users: Filing a Lawsuit for Your Cancer Claim

Food and Drug Administration Revealed

Back in October, the Food and Drug Administration revealed it had found a chemical called nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) – which could be linked to cancer – present in Zantac and generic versions of the heartburn  and stomach ulcer medication. Subsequently, these medications, whose active ingredient is called ranitidine, were pulled from many drugstore shelves.

More recently, the FDA disclosed additional recalls of medications containing ranitidine, including several version of the medication intended to lower blood pressure.Pharmacy chains CVS and Walgreens have discontinued sales of Zantac and generic versions of the drug.

Denton Pharma and Appco Pharma issued voluntary recalls of a number of ranitidine medications. And pharmaceutical company Mylan recalled  its Nizatidine Capsules after finding “trace amounts” of NDMA in the medication.

According to an analysis conducted by Emery Pharma, a private laboratory based in California, it seems likely that the medication forms NDMA when exposed to heat, stating it should be shipped in temperature-controlled vehicles and include a warning about potential risks.

If you have taken Zantac and believe it is behind you cancer diagnosis, feel free to contact our team here at Jan Dils Attorneys to discuss your legal options.

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