West Virginia Social Security Disability Application Pitfalls

We’ve made it no secret that the application process for Social Security Disability benefits is long, complicated and requires a lot of paperwork. But having experienced Social Security Disability Attorneys on your side can help make working with the SSA as quick and seamless as possible.

According to a recent newsletter published by the National Council of Social Security Management Associations (NCSSMA), there has been a rise in third-party requests at the Social Security Administration, an increase they refer to as “alarming”.

But a survey they conducted concluded that at least 1.5 hours per day at Social Security field offices are spent processing paperwork, appeals, FOIA requests and other forms. Of that amount, around 1/3 are superfluous duplicates or second- and third-time requests. To make matters worse, a significant portion of these forms are incomplete or incorrectly filled out.

This just emphasizes the difficulty applying for Social Security Disability benefits can bring if your case isn’t in the right hands. Here at Jan Dils, Attorneys at Law, our experienced staff can manage the details for you.

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