Slip and Falls

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West Virginia Slips, trips and falls can seriously injure you, resulting in fractures and many other debilitating conditions. When you fall from one level to another, you may be killed. These types of cases involve issues of premises liability.


Explaining premises liability


When you are lawfully on the premises owned by others, you are owed duties of care by the property or business owner. The duties vary depending on whether you are an invitee there to conduct business, a social guest or another invitee. In general, property owners and businesses owe a duty to keep their premises in a relatively safe and hazard-free condition. If they fail to correct a danger on their property that they knew about or that they should have known about, they may be civilly liable to those who are injured as a result of it.


The complexities of slip and fall cases


While these cases may seem to be relatively straightforward, they are often highly complex. Proving that a property owner breached their duty of care can be difficult. If necessary, premises liability attorneys may investigate their clients’ cases, getting the opinions of experts from various fields in order to help prove owner liability.

You can be injured in slip and fall accidents involving any of the following:


  • Wet or slick floor surfaces
  • Uncleared parking lots
  • Broken asphalt or holes in parking lots and sidewalks
  • Loose flooring tiles
  • Falls because of missing railings
  • Faulty escalators
  • Falls in nursing homes
  • Slips, trips or falls because of inadequate lighting


There are many other ways in which you may be injured in slip and fall accidents. At Jan Dils Attorneys at Law,”Car Accidents Attorney ” we will strongly advocate for our clients in order to help them recover by seeking the monetary compensation necessary to make them whole.



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