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2022 Path to Success Scholarship Winner – Paige Clagg

Biography: Hi, my name is Paige Clagg. I am a high school senior at a small school in Ohio, South Gallia High School. I am also a college credit plus student through Ohio University Southern. My success can be accredited to my parents who set me on my path to achieving my goals. My mom and dad instilled determination, hard work, compassion, and kindness in me. Those characteristics are the ones I have built my life upon.
When I was thirteen, my dad passed away from cancer. That experience left me with anxiety and depression. I struggled with mental illnesses for two years, in silence. The stigma on mental health affected me. I graduate high school in May, and there was honestly a time I didn’t see myself accomplishing that goal. After I graduate highschool, I will be moving on to study psychology at the University of Rio Grande. Due to my personal experiences, I want to enter the psychology field to ensure no other teenager suffers in silence the way I did. I have goals to speak at local schools, spread educational resources, and advocate for teenagers. I am extremely passionate about this goal. I know I have the opportunity to make a difference and impact the lives of others.
Reaction Statement: I am honestly so grateful for this scholarship. The money will go towards my pursuit of higher education and will allow me to accomplish my goal of helping others. Because my dad passed away when I was young, it has been difficult for my family financially. I appreciate this scholarship more than words can express.

2021 Path to Success Scholarship Winner – Gurkeen Kaur

Biography: Hello everyone! My name is Gurleen Kaur and I am a second-year student at the University of New Mexico, studying Population Health with a minor in Chemistry. One day I hope to pursue medical school to become a primary care physician as well as help serve the vulnerable population by being a health advocate on a state level. Besides my classes, I am heavily involved in Circle K International, a service organization. I am also working with New Mexico Health Action as a Health Policy Intern along with my job as a medical scribe at a local urgent care clinic.

Reaction Statement: “I am very thankful and honored that I could be awarded the Path to Success Scholarship! The award will go towards my education and relieve immense financial stress. One day I hope that I can continue to fund other students’ education and help them achieve their goals.”

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