Who was the Original Golden Apple Award Winner?

Original Golden Apple Award Winner

In January, we finally awarded our 100th Golden Apple Award. Nici Kunze Liotti received the award in January 2018. However, 12 years and 99 winners came before her. When we were planning our 100th Winner celebration, we wanted to go back to the first time. We wanted to catch up with our first winner.

In 2006, Tammy McKnight was a mathematics teacher at Hamilton Junior High School. (Now Hamilton Middle School.) She stated that she remembers the award ceremony quite well. She states that she knew something was up because the principal told the teachers to prepare for an assembly, but wouldn’t tell the teachers why there was an assembly. Mrs. McKnight recalled that her friend Pam Reeves kept telling the students that Hannah Montana was coming to the school. (In 2006 Hannah Montana was a fictional character portrayed by Miley Cyrus on the Disney Channel.)  She then recalled sitting at the assembly with her fellow teachers. She then described the moments during the reading of the nomination. Her friend, Kathy Morehead, kept telling her that she knew it was her.

We asked Mrs. McKnight if she remembered who nominated her, and she stated that she did. It was the mother of a student who was appreciative of her work. Mrs. McKnight helped a young student who needed some extra help with his work. Mrs. McKnight helped the student with his work after class.

During our conversation, we wanted to learn what Mrs. McKnight was up to now. It turns out Mrs. McKnight isn’t a teacher anymore. Instead, she works for Wood County Schools. When she left Hamilton Middle School, Mrs. McKnight worked as an Instructional Coach. She then transitioned to an Innovation and Improvement Specialist. In this position, she works with teachers and schools to help them better improve the curriculum for students.

We had a lot of fun catching up with Mrs. McKnight. We encourage you to watch her entire interview posted above. Tammy McKnight set the bar high for the 99 winners who were to follow. We appreciate her time, and we’re so glad that she stopped by to talk to us.

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