Mass Tort

Mass tort litigation occurs when there was one event in which many people were injured or killed. It is slightly different than a class action suit where damages were accrued at different times, at different locations.

West Virginia is home to a plethora of large, often dangerous industries such as coal mining. Coal mines are notoriously hazardous, and subsequently a frequent defender in mass tort cases. Because of West Virginia’s dangerous industrial activity such as coal mining or natural gas drilling, mass tort cases are not as infrequent in West Virginia as they are in some other states.

The Mass Litigation Panel was established in West Virginia to handle all the mass tort cases. Comprised of a panel of judges specifically called upon to deal with these catastrophic cases in which multiple people were killed or injured in a single event, the panel helps facilitate the injured families through the court process as efficiently and inexpensively as possible. Dealing with such a horrific event is tremendously difficult for all parties involved.

It requires particular sensitivity on the part of the panel, the courts and the individual attorneys handling the plaintiffs’ claims. If you or a loved one was involved in a mass tort incident, seeking the help of a mass tort lawyer familiar with the unique process involved is a necessity. In that way, closure can come as quickly and effectively as possible. Closure with an appropriate remedy.


Someone seriously injured in a catastrophic event usually requires medical care for the duration of their life. Determining fault is often difficult, time consuming and expensive. Even when the negligence or fault is clear and uncontested, insurance alone rarely covers all of the economic losses suffered due to uncovered medical expenses and loss of work, let alone the pain and suffering associated with significant injury or the death of a loved one.

Mass Tort Lawyer

West Virginia personal injury attorneys familiar with mass tort law will seek alternate compensation packages either through litigation or through settlement. An experienced mass tort attorneys can mean the difference between getting what you deserve versus getting substantially less, if not nothing.


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