Jan Dils, Attorneys at Law Response to COVID-19 Precautions

According to Opinio Juris (the world’s first blog dedicated to informed discussion of international law by and among academics, practitioners and legal experts) a great deal of attention has been focused on how federal and state decisions regarding COVID-19 are affecting us from a human rights perspective.

Many states have been criticized for the insufficient seriousness with which they have responded to the COVID-19 pandemic. Similarly, states have been criticized for being overreactive and too restrictive. While our state and federal governments have an obligation to protect its people and their health, we must ensure that any emergency measures are legal, proportionate, necessary and nondiscriminatory. These measures must have a specific focus and duration and take the least intrusive approach possible to protect public health. The absolute best response is one that responds proportionately to immediate threats while protecting human rights and the rule of law.

Protecting public health is a legitimate and a supremely important objective of our government. “We are all in this together” is a familiar phrase we have heard throughout this pandemic and we embrace this for the health and safety of our clients, potential clients, as well as our employees. For this reason, in order to protect them, Jan Dils, Attorneys at Law has followed the Center of Disease Control (CDC) protection protocol. We have made the decision to social distance while keeping our office up and running and continuing to maintain our client centered focus. Afterall, our clients and potential clients need benefits and financial help now more than ever. We are here for you. We are all in this together!

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Jan Dils, Attorneys at Law is closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation for our clients. We have been practicing the guidelines implemented by the CDC (social distancing) but are still seamlessly serving both new and existing Personal Injury clients. Consultations are always free. Please contact us at 877.526.3457 or Stay Safe!

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