Disability Benefits Before Application

Disability Benefits Before Application

POSTED BY devind . December 11, 2019

Can I Get Social Security Disability Benefits for Any of the Time Before I Applied?

If you’re applying for Social Security Disability benefits, the process can seem pretty complex. And if you have been dealing with a disability for months or years, you may be wondering if it’s possible to receive benefits for any of that time. Our team of skilled West Virginia Social Security Disability attorneys can help you navigate the process.


The answer to the above question is, potentially, yes. You may be able to receive benefits for some of the time before you applied. If you meet the conditions, it is possible you may qualify to receive benefits for some of the time during which you were suffering from your disability but before you applied for benefits.


Typically, it’s possible to receive back pay for up to 12 months prior to the time you applied for benefits.  If you are found disabled, Social Security Disability can pay back pay for a maximum of 12 months prior to your date of application. However, they must deem that you met their definition of disabled for any months that they pay you benefits prior to that.


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