Charleston, West Virginia Slips and Falls

Charleston West Virginia Premises Liability Lawyers

Whether over the broken pavement in a parking lot or on wet floors, people in Charleston slip, trip or fall, injuring themselves each year. When this type of accident happens on business premises or on the premises of another person, the property owner may be responsible for paying damages to you if you injured.

When we at Jan Dils Attorneys at Law review our potential clients' cases, we will make an initial assessment of whether the property owner owed a duty to the injured person and whether that duty was breached, causing the injuries.

Premises liability

Slips, trips and falls on the property of others fall under a category of personal injury law called premises liability. Property owners may be responsible for damages in certain cases. They owe a duty of care to those who are legally present on the property, whether you are there to conduct business as a customer or you are there as an invited social guest. Generally, property owners may be liable if there was a hazard that they either knew about or should have known about and that they failed to warn you about its existence or to correct it.

How Charleston West Virginia premises liability attorneys can help

Proving that a property owner is liable in a premises liability injury case may be a complex process.  At Jan Dils Attorneys at Law we are dedicated to helping our clients recover through seeking the amount of damages to which they should be entitled for their losses.

In order to prove our clients' cases, we may sometimes use the help of investigators and experts in order to show what happened before the incident, the existence of the hazard and the fact that the property owner did nothing to warn the people who were legally present. We may use the client’s medical reports in order to demonstrate that the injuries resulted from the dangerous conditions and resulted from the breaches of care displayed by the property owners.

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