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Do you tend to find yourself lost in a good crime novel or movie? Do you love researching clues and piecing information together like a big puzzle? If you answered yes, you will love this opportunity!

Our firm’s Veteran Disability practice is growing rapidly in major part due to our focus on the detail we put into each client’s case to ensure they’re taken care of to the fullest degree. As part of this expansion, we’re looking to add Claims File Reviewers to our team. A Claims File Reviewer gets to review over the medical treatment and service records of our Veteran clients to connect each disability they’re claiming with their time in service. This can involve a lot of reading, research, and detailed summary writing. If you’re interested in making a career out of giving back to Veterans who gave so much for us and doing making a difference from the comfort of your own home, check this out:

  1. You’ll be taken through a highly detailed training course lasting 6-8 weeks to cover every step required to complete a review including an intricate training on our Client Management System.
    a. This class will be full of like-minded people of great character, so you’ll likely make some life-long friends by joining this team!
  2. Attention to detail is crucial to ensuring our clients’ cases are rock-solid before it moves onto hearing. We hope that what you bring to the table will make us even better!
  3. Maintaining focus for hours at a time is a must so you can comb through files and research technical and medical evidence to strengthen cases for our clients.
  4. Familiarity with medical terminology might give you a leg-up.
  5. Time management can be tricky because you’ll need to pace yourself throughout the month to complete the optimal number of reviews.
  6. This position is paid per review completed, so more reviews = more $$$ in your pocket and more happy clients!
  7. Introverts are usually our happiest Claims File Reviewers because this position requires you to work independently. Don’t worry though, you’ll have a highly-skilled team backing you up and cheering you on.

Does this sound like the role for you? Apply now!

Jan Dils Attorneys at Law has helped thousands of people get the benefits they deserve. We have proudly served as a voice for the disabled individual for over 25 years. Our practice has a dynamic culture, and we strive to find applicants who are committed to growth and success. Join an outstanding organization with a client-centered focus and a team of people who fight to make a difference.


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