What You Need From Your Doctor to Get Approved

Most people don’t look forward to going to the doctor, but if you’re looking to get approved for Social Security Disability benefits you’ll need to get over this phobia. Getting a proper statement from your doctor claiming you are indeed disabled isn’t always as easy as you think. The SSA has very strict guidelines and they consider “disability” to be a legal term, not a medical term.

That means just getting your doctor to write “you’re disabled” on a sticky note won’t cut it. You need a rock-solid diagnosis from your doctor. If your doctor dusts off their finest stationery and letterhead but writes a vague and general letter regarding your disability, it won’t be good enough. You need details.

It’s vital that your doctor’s notes be very specific about what disability you have and how it affects your ability to work. Most likely the SSA will want your doctor to tell them how well you can:

  • WalkDoctor to Get Approved for social security benefits
  • Sit
  • Bend
  • Reach
  • Stretch
  • Stand
  • Balance
  • Lift
  • Grip items in your hands
  • Crouch
  • Do other basic work activities


Sometimes getting doctors to write such detailed letters can be hard. Make sure you stress the importance of details and explain why the SSA needs this kind of information to approve you. Jan Dils Attorneys at Law knows what information the SSA wants from doctors. If you need help getting disability benefits call today for a free case evaluation.

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