Medical Evidence in West Virginia Social Security Disability Claims

Having the proper medical evidence is perhaps the most important component in your Social Security Disability claim. You must be able to prove that your disabling condition significantly alters your quality of life and ability to work.

Your doctor or healthcare provider plays a crucial role in this success. While certain variables are out of your hands, there are some things you can do in this regard to give your Social Security Disability application its best chance for success.

  1. Make sure your doctor is on board. Having a healthcare provider who is willing to cooperate and provide the necessary information is the first step. Communicate this before you begin the application process, or switch to a doctor who is more willing to help.
  2. Visit your doctor on a regular basis. Keep all scheduled appointments and inform his or her office as soon as possible to reschedule if missing your appointment is inevitable.
  3. Communicate honestly and thoroughly with your doctor. Keep him or her up to date on any developments or changes in your condition. Develop a timeline of symptoms and severity from the onset of your condition and throughout its progression. Make sure that he or she understands the focus on how the condition affects your day-to-day activities and ability to work when providing information to the SSA.
  4. Follow all of your doctor’s treatment protocols. Take all prescribed medications at their proper dosage. Comply with treatment instructions, therapies, and any preventative measures so the SSA has no excuse to question the validity of your claim.
  5. Ensure your doctor provides the necessary information. Make things as easy as possible for your healthcare provider, such as printing off all of the necessary forms to save time. Follow up after a few days to make sure he or she has sent the information and offer to help or answer any questions if not.

Having a good relationship with your doctor, respecting his or her time, and keeping an open line of communication will greatly improve your chances of approval. But if you want to approach your Social Security Disability claim with more confidence, our team can help.

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