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I have a confession to make; I am one of those rare people who genuinely enjoy filling out paperwork. Working in a law firm that deals with government agencies like the Social Security Administration is probably a perfect fit for me. The one thing I like more than filling out a form, is making it better. It’s clear that I have established my credibility when it comes to paperwork, so let’s look into Form SSA-827, Authorization to Disclose Information to the Social Security Administration.

I interpret this form as a permission slip. You are essentially giving the SSA permission to request your records by way of this form. This grants the SSA the right to request the following: medical records, education records, and any other forms pertaining to your ability to perform tasks.

If you are like me you probably want to know why the SSA is requesting these records. According to SSA-827, the purpose is: determining your eligibility for benefits, including looking at the combined effect of any impairments that by themselves would not meet SSA’s definition of disability; and whether you can manage such benefits. In other words, these records are what will help determine your eligibility for disability benefits.

There are a few things to keep in mind about SSA-827. First, it is not everlasting. The form will expire one year after the date in which you sign. Granted, it is possible to get approved in less than a year, but as anyone who has been through this process can tell you, it’s not very likely. If you are like the vast majority of those who apply for benefits, you claim will take more than a year to decide. You will have to fill this form out again. This may not seem like fun to most, but this ensures that the SSA is getting the most accurate and up to date information. It’s also important to note that you must fill this form out in blue or black ink only. Further, if you are represented by a law firm, you will have to fill out a copy for the SSA as well as the firm each time.

Most individuals aren’t like me; they do not enjoy doing paperwork. SSA-827 is just one of the many forms that has to be filled out during your disability process. If I didn’t enjoy forms so much I would definitely want someone to help me fill them out if I were trying to get disability. This may be a small service that Jan Dils Attorneys at Law provides, but it helps to eliminate a lot of stress with our clients. If you would like to learn more about becoming a client, or to see what else we can do to help you get approved, call us today for a free consultation, 1-877-526-3457.

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