Special Rules for Workers Over 50 Applying for Social Security Disability

If the official Social Security Administration (SSA) projections are correct, at least one out of four 20-year-olds will be unable to work due to a disability before they turn 67, with the likelihood increasing as workers get older and more prone to injury and sickness.

But workers who’ve paid enough into the program may be eligible for Social Security disability benefits. In a June 2013 report, the SSA reported 8.9 million disabled workers receiving Social Security disability. While a disabled worker can apply for benefits regardless of age, the process may be easier for older workers due to special rules in place.

When you are trying to determine your eligibility for Social Security disability benefits, probably the most important factor is your ability to do the work you did prior to your disability or to adjust to a different kind of work that will suit your present disabilities. But for older workers, the SSA takes into consideration that it can be more difficult for them to assimilate a new skill set.

· Workers who are 50-54 may be able to collect disability benefits even if they can perform sedentary labor.

· Individuals who are 55-59 may qualify even if able to perform light work.

· In some circumstances, those who are 60-64 may be eligible even if able to perform medium work (frequent lifting of 25 pounds and occasional lifting of 50 pounds).

As with anything related to Social Security disability, these are generalizations and there are many factors involved in these decisions such as education level and work experience.

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