Social Security Technical Denial

Getting denied is never fun. You can be denied by a university, for a promotion at work, by your life long crush or by the Social Security Administration. Whether you’re applying for SSDI or SSI benefits, there’s always a chance you can get denied by the SSA. There are lots of reasons the SSA can use to deny an applicant.

Most denials happen because the SSA thinks the applicant does not meet certain medical qualifications, meaning the applicant’s condition is not serious enough to qualify for benefits.

Sometimes applicants will medically qualify for benefits but are still denied for non-medical reasons. This is called a technical denial.

A technical denial can happen if you are currently working and engaging in substantial gainful activity. In 2015, the SSA set the SGA limit at $1,090 per month, and this limit applies to both SSDI and SSI.

SSDI Denial

In order to be eligible for social security disability insurance (SSDI) you need to pay a certain amount of money into the social security system. These payments are made by automatic payroll deductions.

A common reason for getting a technical denial is not working long enough to have paid into the system enough. The amount of time you need to work to qualify for SSDI will depend on your age.

Not only do you have to work long enough to qualify, you also have to work recently enough. Typically you need to have worked five of the last 10 years to qualify. After you stop paying into social security for a certain amount of time your coverage will stop. This stop date is known as date last insured, DLI. If you are not found disabled before the date you were last insured your claim might be denied.

While appealing a technical denial can be harder to appeal than other denials, it can be done. You must file your appeal with in 60 days of receiving your denial. Since technical appeals are a tougher fight, using a social security appeals lawyer like Jan Dils Attorneys at Law will be a great help to your case.

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