Social Security Safe For Now

For the past few months a cloud has been looming over Washington. This cloud is made up of budget deals, possible government shut downs and the fate of Social Security. For more than 80 years the Social Security program has been providing care for disabled Americans, but because of budget shortcomings and increased need for benefits the program started to show cracks recently.

In a recent last minute budget deal Congress agreed on measures to shore up the Social Security program and keep the doors of the federal government open, at least for another two years.

The bill passed with a vote of 64 to 35. Congress extended the debt limit until March of 2016 and infused $80 billion into the federal budget. This protects defense spending and domestic spending, which includes programs like Social Security.

While this deal is generally good news for Social Security, it came with some strings attached. One notable change this deal made to Social Security was getting rid of the “file and suspend strategy” many retiring couples used to increase their benefits over time.

The bill also made slight changes to some states medical exam procedures. Making changes to the rules about how Social Security Disability Insurance recipients can work while on SSDI was also discussed.

Over this two year extension plan, Social Security is likely to go through major changes. While it is unclear what those changes will be, it is clear that Jan Dils Attorneys at Law will be ready to adapt and keep fighting for their clients.  


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