The Role of a Vocational Expert in a Social Security Disability Hearing

During disability hearings, it’s not unusual for a judge to refer to the expertise of a vocational expert (VE), an expert witness assigned by the Social Security Administration (SSA) based on his or her familiarity with the current job market. These individuals are knowledgeable about what jobs are currently available, the skills necessary to perform certain types of work, and what requirements a position may entail.

During a hearing, a VE helps determine if the Social Security disability applicant is able to perform the duties of their previous job or if he or she has any other skills that could transfer to a different field. VEs also take into consideration the impact a claimant’s disability bears on work-related tasks, as well as other factors like age, education, and work history. He or she will also suggest alternative jobs the individual would be able to perform and statistical data about those jobs’ availability close to the claimant’s home.

Judges place a high amount of weight on a VE’s opinion when determining whether to approve or deny a claim. At Jan Dils Attorneys at Law, we have experts on our team who know how to weigh these factors and anticipate a VE’s determination in your case.

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