Announcing the November Jan Dils Golden Apple Award Winner!

Barbara McCullough and Jan Dils
Congratulations goes to Ms. Barbara McCullough of Jackson Middle School, this month’s Jan Dils Golden Apple Award Winner!

According to Ms. McCullough, “It is all about change, keeping up with society and education.” Inspired by one of her own teachers growing up, she became an educator remembering the huge difference this person had on her students’ lives.

She says her philosophy involves understanding and respecting each individual student and family. It’s important for teachers to see each student’s potential that may or may not be part of the school curriculum. But the ultimate focus is on each student learning.

Congratulations, Ms. McCullough! Keep up the great work!

You can nominate a teacher in the Parkersburg area by clicking here: http://www.thenewscenter.tv/goldenapple/misc/3707336.html.

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