Hiring a Parkersburg, WV Social Security Disability Lawyer Can Help

Each year, many claims for Social Security Disability are denied. Chances of success are even less without legal help from a Parkersburg, WV social security disability lawyer. Although claimants can represent themselves in a hearing presided by an administrative law judge, it is recommended to have an attorney to represent you and help you with the claim. By hiring a lawyer, it is guaranteed that your case will be handled professionally, thus increasing the possibility of your claim being approved.

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Initial Interview

After you have established connections with a firm to represent your case, firm staff members or social security disability attorneys in Parkersburg, WV will conduct an initial interview. You will be asked essential questions to gather information for your case. The attorney will then analyze this information to determine the possibilities and best routes for its success.


The lawyer would then begin to gather important information, documents, and evidence as preparation for your hearing. This includes accessing medical records, acquiring test results, and interviewing treating physicians that can provide information to help build your case. Your attorney might even require you to get additional testing through consultative examinations to help solidify your claim. After that, your lawyer might conduct additional research before the hearing.

During the Hearing

Witnesses are allowed to testify during the hearing about the disability to help in your case. During the hearing, the administrative law judge may ask the person with disability a series of questions about work, medical treatments, medications, and limitations; if not, you can be allowed to speak freely about these. Your lawyer will then present the gathered information to prove that you are in fact legible to receive disability benefits.

After the Hearing

After the hearing, the administrative law judge will review the files and make a decision. You can find out if your claim has been approved once the decision has been issued to the Social Security office it came from. If it was denied, you will be sent a notice and further instructions for appealing the decision. If your claim was approved, a representative will send a Notice of Award letter regarding the decision and the details of your benefits.

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