How To Choose An Experienced SSD Attorney In West Virginia

If you’re trying to get social security disability benefits in West Virginia, you might be interested in hiring an attorney to guide you through the complexities of the Social Security Administration’s evaluation process. Of course, finding an SSD attorney can be difficult, especially if you’re not particularly sure what makes an effective social security disability attorney. With that in mind, we’ve come up with a quick guide that looks at some of they key factors that separate a great SSD attorney from a less-than-stellar one.
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Are They Legitimate?One of the first things you should look at in a prospective lawyer is whether or not their license is legitimate. As great as the Internet may be in finding a cheap service, you should always be wary of someone offering legal advice without any actual proof of their profession. If you’re not sure that someone can be trusted, then it’s likely that they can’t be. There are plenty of directories on the Internet that link to actual, legitimate attorneys that you can be sure are trustworthy and reliable in their services.

Are They Knowledgeable?

Even if you’ve found a lawyer that you can trust to help you earn social security disability benefits in West Virginia, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can trust them to win. If you’re trying to gauge an attorney’s effectiveness, be sure to ask them many questions about the potential outcome of your case. You want to note down their history of winning disability claims, both in your area and with your specific condition. It’s important to keep in mind that each case is going to have its own unique components, so an attorney that doesn’t have any experience with your disability may not be as effective as you want them to be.

Are They Accessible?

With SSD attorneys, it’s an unfortunate truth that they’re frequently swamped with claims. While you shouldn’t be surprised if you’re under-represented in your case, that doesn’t mean you have to go with a lawyer that doesn’t give you any individualized attention at all.

Your case is obviously important to you, but it should still be important to your representative, regardless of how many other cases they’re currently working. Don’t settle for being marginalized, and don’t settle for an ineffective attorney.

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