Celebrating 100 Golden Apple Winners

Since 2006, we’ve honored teachers in the Mid-Ohio Valley with the Jan Dils, Attorneys at Law Golden Apple Award. Every month during the school year, one Bannerdeserving teacher is selected to receive this honor. The winner is selected from a group of nominees. Traditionally, the winning teacher is one who goes the extra mile to serve their students. After reviewing past winners, we realized that our 100th winner was soon approaching. We learned our December 2017 winner would be our 100th winner.

December is a tough month for the Golden Apple Award. Students in the Mid-Ohio Valley aren’t in school for an extended period in December. So, we usually announce the winner during the first week of January. That was the plan. However, Mother Nature had a different plan. Snow forced us to postpone the award ceremony. So, we postponed it until mid-January. Mother Nature decided to throw snow at us again during the 2nd ceremony. We won’t take snow for an answer, so we postponed this award to the end of January.

Finally, on January 26th, 2018, we were able to award the 100th Golden Apple Award to a deserving teacher. The 100th winner is Nici Kunze Liotti from Parkersburg High School. Mrs. Liotti was selected for many reasons. She has been known as a teacher who will give up her time to help her students. She offers her classroom for students who need a quiet place to study. Mrs. Liotti has been teaching for 18 years. She’s even been known to help kids who may need a meal during a time of need.

Mrs. Liotti is a deserving teacher, and we couldn’t think of anyone better to be our 100th Golden Apple Winner.

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