What Can I Expect at My Social Security Hearing?

At the Social Security Hearing

As a general rule of thumb, clients of Jan Dils Attorneys at Law should arrive at the Social Security hearings office a half-hour prior to the time of their hearing.  We will meet you in the waiting room, and most often, if you have any questions, we will have a few minutes to go over your case with you prior to going into the hearing room.

In general, Social Security hearings are rather informal proceedings.  As your attorney, we will be with you at all times during your hearing.  The proceeding will start with the judge asking you to take an oath by raising your right hand and affirming that you will tell the truth.  Next, most judges proceed with some explanation about the procedural issues of the hearing.  The hearing will then proceed with an opening statement from your attorney and then either the judge or your attorney will ask you some questions.

On average, most hearings last about 30-45 minutes.  The judge almost never announces what his/her decision is at the hearing, but often, your attorney will be able to tell what the decision is and let you know after the hearing.

From the time of the hearing, it will take approximately 30-60 days for you to receive a formal decision in the mail and, if you are approved, it will take four to five months from the time of the hearing for you to start receiving your benefits.

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