Can Children Receive Social Security Benefits?

Can Children Receive Social Security Benefits?

Are you disabled or retired?

To receive your Social Security benefits, your child is eligible.


In some cases, the answer may be yes.

When a parent becomes disabled, passes away or retires, his or her children may qualify to receive Social Security auxiliary benefits. In order to be eligible, the child must meet these qualifications:


  • Be 18 years old or younger, OR be a full-time high school student, OR be over 18 years of age with a disability that began before age 22
  • Be unmarried
  • Be the biological child, adopted child or stepchild of the recipient


Children who qualify for Social Security benefits may be eligible to receive up to half of their parent’s retirement or disability benefits. In cases where the parent has passed away, the child may receive up to 75% of the parent’s basic Social Security benefits.


It is important to note that a child’s disability may in some cases qualify them to receive benefits of their own. For parents of disabled children, the Social Security Administration offers a Starter Kit to help them navigate the process of applying for SSI disability benefits. To determine whether a disabled child may receive benefits, the Social Security Administration may require an interview with the child, as well as school and medical records.


Understanding what your children are entitled to is important, as it can be vital in helping to keep your family financially afloat during difficult times.


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