When Bad Evidence Threatens Your Disability Claim

Handling Evidence for Your Social Security Claim

It’s more common than you’d think that medical records are not only unsupportive for an individual’s Social Security disability claim, but may be detrimental to the building of a case. Although many handle potentially harmful information differently, disability attorneys must submit all relevant evidence to Social Security to remain ethical.

Fortunately, an experienced disability attorney is equipped with the knowledge to handle situations like these. Your attorney will ask you strategic questions that minimize the importance of these facts or question their validity. He or she will also find strengths in other evidence and emphasize this in a case.

For example, if you have provided conflicting information between your initial application/hearing and what you have written on reports about limitations in your daily living, the experienced lawyers at Jan Dils Attorneys at Law, can help you properly convey your disability by consulting our expert team of medical consultants.

In cases like drug or alcohol abuse, your attorney will emphasize the measures you have taken or are taking to become sober. A judge will appreciate straightforwardness and honesty about your situation, which may work in your favor. On the contrary, if a judge learns he or she has been misled or your team has tried to cover up information, your case could be compromised and your attorney’s credibility will more than likely be damaged.

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