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Laura Eskenazi, the official in charge of the Department of Veterans Affairs’ Board of Veterans’ Appeals, is currently under fire for the alleged manipulation of records to hide overly long delays in deciding veterans appeals cases. A recent review by a House panel says that Eskenazi “continues to mismanage the legal office and may have been “untruthful” in her sworn congressional testimony claiming improvements in processing vet appeals last month.”

“Despite reassurances to lawmakers, Board Vice Chairman Laura Eskenazi appears to have still promoted unqualified attorneys, not properly advertised open job positions and created new employee positions that will not decrease the board’s growing backlog, according to Rep. Mike Coffman, R-Colo.

Coffman, the chairman of the House Veterans Affairs oversight and investigations subcommittee, questioned whether Eskenazi could perform her job in a letter sent to VA Secretary Bob McDonald on Oct. 1, weeks after a department whistleblower also testified before the House about records manipulation and improperly delayed appeals cases by her and other board employees. The board is a relatively small legal department within the Department of Veterans Affairs that reviews vet appeals over benefits decisions.”

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Many government benefit programs are plagued by inefficiencies and cannot adequately cater to the number of claims being filed. The last thing these programs need are dishonest administrators that make life more miserable for deserving veterans. After placing their lives on the line for the country, disabled veterans have earned the benefits accorded to them. It is unfair to delay or deny them the rights which are rightfully theirs.

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As a disabled veteran, you deserve dedicated legal representation that will protect your rights and fight for you. For every legal challenge you may face, a sophisticated social security lawyer from a trusted law firm can help you make smart legal decisions with full knowledge and sound advice.

Speeding up the appeals process

The professional social security lawyers from established law firms like Jan Dils know what Social Security people are looking for when you file an appeal. Such lawyers are equipped with a variety of techniques that you need to speed up your Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits appeal process. While there’s no magic trick to the methods that these lawyers use, they can help to increase your possibility of getting approved at the early stages, which means less time waiting to receive your benefits.

(Source: Lawmaker questions VA exec’s management of benefit appeals, Stars and Stripes, Oct. 7, 2014)

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